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Texas Police Trainers, LLC is not a TCOLE contracted training provider, however our training is eligible for training hour credit under TCOLE Rule 218.1(b) Continuing Education Credit for Licensees. All supporting documents for reporting the training is listed with each course.

For issues regarding course material on this site please contact Texas Police Trainers Online Help Desk at or 512-766-0659. For a listing of training resources statewide; classroom training, online training, scholarships, grants, instructor portal, plus a whole lot more, visit our website at

Texas Police Trainers Mission Statement

Motto:  "Empowering the law enforcement individuals to take control of their individual law enforcement training and professional development".

To serve the law enforcement community by providing quality law enforcement training information, valuable resources and networking.  To provide up-to-date law enforcement information and resources in the area of training, scholarships, grants, associations, whats trending in law enforcement and so much more to its subscribers by providing a one-stop-shop that will help to enhance their professionalism and help ensure our law enforcement community are highly trained.  


Continuing Education

Elderly Abuse (TCOLE #4061)


- 8 hours -
Continuing Education

Ethics Based Decision Making in CJ (TCOLE #3920)


- 2 hours -
Continuing Education

Handcuffing Techniques (TCOLE #2042)


- 1 hour -
Continuing Education

Inside 3D Scanning (TCOLE #2017)


- 1 hour -